It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to PRUTSIM in the close environs of central Suburbs. As a Management Institute our Mission is to reform and transform the lives of our students and provide the industry with ethical global leaders for the 21st Century, who are sensitive towards protecting planets and are passionate about making significant societal contributions. We aspire to develop business leaders who are capable of building resilient organization, whilst adhering to the highest standards of Corporate Governance Practices.
We have a carefully designed blend, which includes rigorous learning from a team of dedicated academicians, regular exposure to global thought leaders, entrepreneurs and highly experienced industry leaders, community service, experiential learning, numerous student driven initiatives and peer learning, makes the PRUTISIM experience a transformational one for our students. We have been very proactive in recognizing the global trends and shifts in the business landscape and have been pioneering several innovations to keep management education in tune with these shifts. This includes development of focused programs in sectors that are undergoing massive transformations such as Energy, Automobile, Multi Brand Retail, Telecommunications, Film Media Entertainment & Sports or emerging areas such as Business Analytics.
All in all PRUTSIM is the perfect recipe for a veritable feast- you have all the ingredients with which you can create one of the most magical and exponentially rewarding experiences of your life. The only ingredient you will be short on is time and we hope that you are able to amass a wealth of experience in abundance.
At PRUTSIM we are committed to grooming leaders with value based education. Our emphasis is eclectic growth of our participants. We inculcate the values of humility, honesty and hard work for individual and corporate success and also endeavor for holistic development of individuals, institutions and society at large.