Entrepreneurship Cell (Business Guru)

Across India today, top companies recruit for talent, rather than knowledge; young people demand the opportunity to “make it big”; the Govt. of India increasingly emphasizes the need for an entrepreneurial generation, naming this the “decade of innovation’. E-Cell at Pramod Ram Ujagar Tiwari Saket Institute of Management, Kalyan is the forefront of this entrepreneurial change.

The “entrepreneurial spirit” is not just a prerequisite for people thinking of starting their own business but is also becoming imperative for every individual who desires to make a mark in the corporate world. Realizing the need to foster and incorporate the entrepreneurial attitude within the management mould, the Entrepreneurship Cell of Pramod Ram Ujagar Tiwari Saket Institute of Management was founded in 2017.

The E- Cell at Pramod Ram Ujagar Tiwari Saket Institute of Management is managed and driven by MMS/MBA students under the guidance of Assistant Professor Richeeraj Piral.

The vision is to cultivate and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit, a business thought perspective and an enterprising attitude amongst students and the community at large.

E-cell has successfully conducted guest lectures and workshops by renowned entrepreneur’s are who shared their experiences with the students teaching them various entrepreneurial lessons.

The E-cell organizes a variety of activities centered on promoting entrepreneurship among students:

The Pedagogy

E Cell prepares MMS/MBA students for their entrepreneurial venture through its well drafted pedagogy which include -

Orientation and Motivation
Opportunity assessment
Kick starting the Entrepreneurial campus
Business Planning workshops
Prototype to commercialization- drafts preparation
Market Analytics
Team Building
Managing funds / entrepreneurship finance
Social Entrepreneurship locally in the area