Marketing Club is the flag bearer of marketing related events and activities in the institute. It focuses on empowering PRUTSIM students to be the most innovative and effective marketers in the industry. The club holds events like poster competitions, advertising simulations, role playing exercises, etc. throughout the year to test students’ marketing acumen. The club also organizes workshops and seminars to enhance the practical knowledge of the students.


The HR Forum, is one of the functional committees of PRUTSIM. It is the face of the students of Human Resources in PRUTSIM. The HR Forum started as an initiative to give a boost to the HR activities in the college. The main aim of the HR Forum is to spearhead activities that could remove the traditional myths surrounding HR as a function and to create awareness regarding the importance of HR function in the current business scenario. It facilitates the functioning of the Centre of Excellence for HR. It provides a platform to the student community to understand and enhance their knowledge in this field by getting associated with the faculty, participating in events and contributing through articles. It undertakes a plethora of activities all around the year involving students from B-Schools all across India and industry personnel from various sectors.


The finance club has its flagship name called Finatics. The forum focuses on driving initiatives in finance domain and intends to further the cause of finance at PRUTSIM. The club not only educates the students but also reaches out to industry veterans and has periodic speaker sessions to expose students to the various practical aspects of finance. Thus, it is through these initiatives that the Finance club tries to create a connect between the students and corporate by means of seminars, workshops, conferences, ensuring that they are better prepared to handle any complex situations of financial services in practical life.


The Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSM) Club at PRUTSIM is a student-run professional business club that works and conducts a myriad number of activities throughout the year in the fields of Operations, Production, Operations Research, Supply Chain and allied areas. Chief among them include industry academia interactions in the form of guest lectures, 'Learning by Doing through live project opportunities, 'Theory into Practice through in-house projects like 5S implementation, 'Learning from Experience through student-driven knowledge sharing sessions as well as numerous pan-India quizzes, case studies and competitions that invite students from top B-schools around the globe to match their skills and find solutions to some of the most complex business problems today.